As well as illustrating books and making pictures and patterns in my studio, I often hold workshops for children in schools and libraries. I love encouraging children to think about stories from the point of view of creating their own characters and the worlds those characters might inhabit. Working creatively with children is a lot of fun and I am constantly amazed by the hilarious characters and ideas they come up with!

I tailor my talks and workshops to suit to the children’s particular key stage: with slightly older children its always great fun to talk about the process of illustrating books and to show the evolution of characters from the books I have illustrated. With younger ones I like to keep it simple and creative but still connecting what they are doing with stories and books.

I hold all sorts of different workshops and am always happy to tailor the content to fit with special days or projects, my main aim is to make sure that the children have a brilliant time and create something they didn’t think they could do. If you would like to talk to me about my workshops or book a session at your school or library then do get in touch via the contact page here on my website or on my email: marionlindsayillustration@gmail.comartclub10





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