Meet the Mermaid

After helping create the underwater themed mural with children at the St Ives Bookjam recently, I decided to make my own underwater picture! It started life as a simple black and white ink drawing which I then scanned and coloured in photoshop. It’s unusual for me to work in the computer as I usually like to slosh as much paint around as I can, but it just seemed like the best way to do those beams of light… ML-meeting-the-mermaid

The Case of the Blind Beetle…

A new Maisie Hitchins book has hit the shelves, this one is the 7th in the series and a special favourite of mine because it is so very yellow! This book has an Egyptian theme so I got to draw mummies, sphinxes and burial chambers which I can tell you is a first. Holly Webb has excelled herself this time and Maisie gets into more trouble than ever – it’s a good one! Here are some pictures:

not sleepy


the parcel

Anatomy Boutique Shopfront

I was recently asked to do an illustration of a shopfront to advertise a pop-up shop which is coming to London in December. The shop in question is Anatomy Boutique, brainchild of anatomy expert and artist Emily Evans who has created a range of anatomy-based designs for a wide and gorgeous range of homeware and accessories. Anatomy Boutique will be popping up in Dalston from the 12th to the 22nd December so do go and have a look at the wonderful skull and cardiac wallpapers, the digestion plates and the histology scarves to mention just a few. My drawing was made with pen and ink and as to whether or not there will be a cat with a diamond collar in attendance when the shop opens I can’t be sure, but I’m hoping!

Anatomy Boutique
Anatomy Boutique

Maisie Hitchins is on the loose again

I have new Maisie Hitchins books to report!

Holly Webb has been doing lots of writing and I have been doing lots of drawing and the result can be seen in the form of  The Phantom Cat, The Feathered Mask and The Secret Tunnel which are all out now. As well as scampering all over London in her adventures, Maisie’s stories are heading over to America where the first book in the series “The Case of the Stolen Sixpence” is going to be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in September. The Case of the Spilled Ink will be coming out in the UK in August too, but I can’t show you any pictures yet I’m afraid! For now here are the new covers:

The Case of the Secret Tunnel

The Case of the Feathered Mask

The Case of the Phantom Cat

American edition Stolen Sixpence

Witch Camp

This is the cover for the new Bella Donna book Witch Camp which will be coming out next year. I’ve been illustrating the Bella Donna series by Ruth Symes for quite a while now, in fact this will be book number 5. I really enjoy working on these books, Bella gets into all sorts of trouble on a regular basis and that’s always a lot of fun to draw!

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