Lady Christmas

Happy Christmas everybody! Here is my card for this year, I wanted to make a picture that has the feel of Christmas about it but without the tinsel. So here is Lady Christmas who takes care of the stars and reminds us that it really is all about the magic and not just the mince pies. Have a wonderful Christmas.



Christmas cards

I was excited when this year’s Christmas cards arrived from the printers and I’m getting ready to send them all out today. But it’s been making me think of Christmases past so I had a ferret about and found some scans of previous years’ cards. My cards are never very traditional but I love making them – for now here are some from the last few years and I will post this year’s effort soon.




Mari-Christmas patterns

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… This week, in between scoffing mince pies, I’ve been having fun working on some festive patterns. Happy Christmas everyone!




Christmas Cards 2012

December always sneaks up on me and it’s high time I sorted out my Christmas card for this year. But I’m not sure what to do! I always like to make my cards by hand but I’m a bit busy this year so I may have to come up with an alternative – and quick! Here are some of my efforts from previous years:

Merry Christmas 2011!
Merry Christmas 2011!

handmade cards 2011

Merry Christmas 2010!
Merry Christmas 2010!

Jarrolds Fimo Demo

I had a great time at my Fimo demo on Saturday! I spent the whole day showing the children how to model all manner of things from Christmas tree decorations to dragons, beads and fruit and veg! I really enjoy my Jarrolds demos, they have a lovely art department there and always make me feel very at home. Here are some snaps of me and the kids hard at work.

It’s all going a bit Christmassy around here…

These are some of the things I’ve been making ready for my Fimo demonstration at Jarrolds on Saturday. You may notice there’s a bit of a Christmas theme going on… Sorry, I know its only November – I just like making tree decorations! I have used lots of sparky “effect” Fimo here as well as seed beads and I picked out the patterns with a pin.

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