inky individuals

Here are some slightly odd characters I have created with my favourite old knackered paintbrush and some acrylic ink. I’ve been experimenting with using a dry brush to put down simple shapes and then picking out the character with a chunky ink line. I like the way the drybrush marks create a soft, feathery effect – of course I had to make them into birds…




experiments in screen printing…

I’ve always wanted to have a go at screen printing but somehow never got around to it – that is until I was given a screen printing kit for my birthday! I found the whole process quite tricky and highly messy but loads of fun. I’m not sure I did an awfully good job from a technical point of view but I still like the result. My friend Emily’s cat Maya served as the muse for this print – thanks Maya!

Bear and Cat

Here’s a little something I just did just for fun.  I’m not sure how these two became friends, I guess they just are…


Brush Pen Kitty

I was given a brush pen the other day and here is a little cat from my first round of experimentations. I rather like the brush pen though I haven’t really figured out how to use it properly yet. It seems to make me want to do wet-in-wet drawings though it’s probably most useful for sketching outdoors in combination with watercolour pencils. I shall have to keep experimenting.



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